Semi-Permanent Lipliner & Blush Treatments

The benefits of Semi-Permanent Lipliner and Blush treatments are enormous!

Our highly skilled technician uses advanced techniques to correct imperfections and unevenness by restoring volume, re-defining the border and creating definition. Thus making it the perfect solution for those wanting an accentuated cupids bow, or for those wanting to transform thin, uneven lips, as well as lips that have lost shape and fullness with age.

This highly skilled lip treatment has a profoundly anti-ageing effect that will give you fabulous, accentuated and luscious lips that won’t smudge or rub off.

We use a unique soft blend of organic pigments that are skilfully infused in to your lips with an airbrush effect, to either blend with your natural lip colour, or to a colour of your choice. For the more adventurous, this could even be matching your favourite red lipstick, the possibilities are endless!

Your smile will be lifted with a beautiful and flattering tint, 24 hours a day, effortlessly!

“Of course, true beauty comes from within. Lipstick just adds a little pizzazz!” – Anna Warner,

Coco Beautique