MEET Lee Andrew


Lee Andrew


Lee’s reputation and success brought with it an impressive client base, covering everyone from reality TV stars, Celebs, Fashion Models, Paratroopers and Royal Marine Recruits.

Lee understands and is very experienced at working with a vast array of clients, celebs, fashion models, tv stars to those suffering with body dysmorphia, low self esteem, and some who are just too embarrassed to exercise or even to be seen in sports kit. Then on the flip side, he has worked with people who have all the motivation in the world, but just cannot for the life of them get their body to respond; having tried every diet and training system under the sun. One size does not fit all when it comes to diet and fitness, and Lee can work with every individual to tailor a program to suit them, which will achieve the best results.

 Lee’s favourite saying here is: There is no point in rowing harder, if the boat is going in the wrong direction!”