I am a qualified deep tissue and holistic massage therapist. I have been passionate about massage since a very young age. I love the interaction and variety that my work brings, figuring things out and just feeling what is going on. Everybody is just so different! My treatments are heavily influenced by classical, cranial, functional and visceral massage. I like to adapt my approach to each individual patient and am also passionate about nutrition. I believe nutrition to be such an important factor in helping our bodies’ function well in achieving a better environment for enzymatic and chemical activity.

Some of my favourite techniques and treatments include: 

1. Muscle energy technique,

2. Trigger point inhibition (similar to shia-tsumassage),

3. Neuromuscular junction release, 

4. Harmonic stretching treatment,

5. Strain-counterstrain balancing,

6. Joint proprioception (space awareness) techniques

7. Myofascial release

8. Traction,

9. Lymphatic drainage

10. General osteopathic treatment (which may include clicking of your back)

11. Posture and movement education

Best Regards

Emmanuelle McElvaney MOst Merit