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Semi Permanent Make-Up

Camilla Moutaadi is a highly talented and professional Semi Permanent Make-Up Specialist providing skilled artistry in clinics across London. Camilla offers a solution for those that desire more prominent eyebrows, fuller lips and or defined eyes. Whether you are a busy professional, in the sports industry, beauty industry, entertainer, or are just a busy mum Semi-Permanent Make-Up provides freedom from the daily application of conventional make-up, which is extremely liberating whatever the profession.

Semi Permanent Make-up (SPMU), sometimes referred to as Permanent Make-up or Micropigmentation is a type of cosmetic tattooing in which hypo-allergenic organic pigments are placed just below the top layer of skin, the Epidermis.

This creates a shadow of colour which mimics the most exquisitely applied make-up. This is where it stays, gradually fading over time. Using specialist equipment to skilfully implant the pigment into the dermal layers of the skin this non surgical, long lasting, beauty treatment can really enhance your facial features, appearance and confidence.

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Camilla moutaadi