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Founder & Director


Lorna E. Brennan is a Beauty and Wellbeing Consultant with unique and distinctive training and experience. She has used her knowledge superb skills and proven ability in this area to create the iconic and luxurious brand of ‘COCO BEAUTIQUE’ where her clients receive a bespoke and superior experience in Beauty Therapies, Clinical Enhancements and Holistic Wellbeing.

Lorna’s chosen professional career began when she graduated from the prestigious Coogan Bergin Private Beauty School in  South Dublin in 2001.

Having excelled academically in both national and international accreditation she gained invaluable experience in some of the Capitals City best and well known Spas and Salons.  Lorna took these opportunities to add more layers of best practice to her knowledge of the sector whilst honing her competence as a practitioner. She has always engaged in continuous professional development and has been featured in the media, on occasions, where her opinion has been sought with regard to Beauty Topics.

In recognition of this expertise Lorna, in  2009 was invited by ‘ LA Academy of Creative Arts’ (Dublin) to research, develop and deliver a training programme for trainee Beauty Therapists. She brought this to a successful conclusion. Placement of her students led her to interaction with the Luxury Travel Industry. Seeing an opportunity to combine her two loves of Beauty and Travel, Lorna was, after rigorous training, chosen to be and accepted the position of Spa Manager on the Five Star Silver Seas Explorer. During this period the Spa was awarded an unprecedented 100% in Client Satisfaction.

This did not go unnoticed and Lorna was invited to Manage and revitalise an established and well known London Urban Spa. Lorna undertook this labour of love in her own dedicated and focused way which brought out the desired results. During this period Lorna’s entrepreneur spirit beckoned her to deliver this pursuit of excellence to a wider audience.

According, Lorna, having clearly defined her conceptual goals for ‘COCO BEAUTIQUE’ in the Vision Statement has established a Brand which is luxurious, is individually planed and delivered with ‘service magic’. This ensures that her client’s needs and desires are not alone met but that their expectations are exceeded. This clear commitment to client centred excellence has seen the expansion of ‘COCO BOUTIQUE’ and the enhancement of it’s reputation along with that of its Founder and Director Lorna E. Brennan.

best regards

lorna e.brennan c.i.i.d.e.s.c.o  , c.i.b.t.a.c

Director of Coco Beautique Ltd


I am a qualified deep tissue and holistic massage therapist. I have been passionate about massage since a very young age. I love the interaction and variety that my work brings, figuring things out and just feeling what is going on. Everybody is just so different! My treatments are heavily influenced by classical, cranial, functional and visceral massage. I like to adapt my approach to each individual patient and am also passionate about nutrition. I believe nutrition to be such an important factor in helping our bodies’ function well in achieving a better environment for enzymatic and chemical activity.

Some of my favourite techniques and treatments include: 

1. Muscle energy technique,

2. Trigger point inhibition (similar to shia-tsumassage),

3. Neuromuscular junction release, 

4. Harmonic stretching treatment,

5. Strain-counterstrain balancing,

6. Joint proprioception (space awareness) techniques

7. Myofascial release

8. Traction,

9. Lymphatic drainage

10. General osteopathic treatment (which may include clicking of your back)

11. Posture and movement education

Best Regards

Emmanuelle McElvaney MOst Merit


Semi Permanent Make-Up

Camilla Moutaadi is a highly talented and professional Semi Permanent Make-Up Specialist providing skilled artistry in clinics across London. Camilla offers a solution for those that desire more prominent eyebrows, fuller lips and or defined eyes. Whether you are a busy professional, in the sports industry, beauty industry, entertainer, or are just a busy mum Semi-Permanent Make-Up provides freedom from the daily application of conventional make-up, which is extremely liberating whatever the profession.

Semi Permanent Make-up (SPMU), sometimes referred to as Permanent Make-up or Micropigmentation is a type of cosmetic tattooing in which hypo-allergenic organic pigments are placed just below the top layer of skin, the Epidermis.

This creates a shadow of colour which mimics the most exquisitely applied make-up. This is where it stays, gradually fading over time. Using specialist equipment to skilfully implant the pigment into the dermal layers of the skin this non surgical, long lasting, beauty treatment can really enhance your facial features, appearance and confidence.

Best regards

Camilla moutaadi

Acupuncture & Massage

I am an experienced acupuncture practitioner and massage therapist who has 10 years experience in applying multiple therapies to facilitate increased mobility, agility, athletic performance, pain reduction and healing. 

I have enjoyed providing therapy abroad in America, France, Germany and Middle East and for a wide range of clients including celebrity personalities, dancers, actors, athletes and footballers.

With a focus on the Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture and TCM I draw from the expertise of over 15,000 body treatments to craft an individualised treatment plan for each patient. 

I will design a session to treat your specific ailment and leave you feeling relaxed, balanced and achieving your optimal health.

Member of British Acupuncture Council 

Best Regards 

Lubos Tranta BSc (Hons), Lic Ac, MBAC

Beauty Therapist

I am a fully qualified NVQ level 3 Beauty therapist and am extremely passionate about the health and Beauty industry! I have been practicing Beauty Therapy for 9 years now and have gained qualifications in highly specialist treatments, such as Environ and Dermalogica facials, electrical face and body treatments, OPI manicures, Massage therapies and so much more.

My favourite treatments to carry out would be Brow and Nail treatments. I love transforming somebody’s look just by re-shaping and tinting the brows and I feel that nothing looks and feels nicer than freshly filed and polished nails! 

Best Regards

Antonia Reece


Lee’s reputation and success brought with it an impressive client base, covering everyone from reality TV stars, Celebs, Fashion Models, Paratroopers and Royal Marine Recruits.

Lee understands and is very experienced at working with a vast array of clients, celebs, fashion models, tv stars to those suffering with body dysmorphia, low self esteem, and some who are just too embarrassed to exercise or even to be seen in sports kit. Then on the flip side, he has worked with people who have all the motivation in the world, but just cannot for the life of them get their body to respond; having tried every diet and training system under the sun. One size does not fit all when it comes to diet and fitness, and Lee can work with every individual to tailor a program to suit them, which will achieve the best results.

 Lee’s favourite saying here is: There is no point in rowing harder, if the boat is going in the wrong direction!”