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The Apex Now Open to Residents

Another great location now open to it’s residents at The Apex, Richmond. Located in Kew Riverside, on the south bank of the River Thames, this location boasts an impressive 26 acres that have been transformed into luxurious grounds for it’s residents. We have joined the Kew Riverside Leisure Centre to provide luxurious and exhilarating treatments to each and everyone of it’s residents and couldn’t be more happier. CHECK OUT THE APEX ALONG WITH OTHER GREAT LOCATIONS. Coco Beautique

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Bow Quarter Now Open to Residents

We’re proud to announce the recent opening of the new Bow Quarter Coco Beautique Location! The history behind this building is amazing. The Bow Quarter was built in the 19th Century and was known for being London’s largest factory during it’s time. It has seen many workers pass through it’s doors with it being used by the famous Bryant & May for their match-making business. At it’s busiest, the Bow Quarter had over 3000 women and girls working there. In 1979, the factory finally closed and fell into disrepair in the late 80’s. It was taken on by developers shortly after and was to be one of East London’s restoration projects. It has now been transformed into a unique and interesting development comprising of 19 town houses and 714 apartments, all spread across it’s seven acres with one of London’s biggest communal garden. You can see little snippets and evidence […]

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