Lipoglaze is a service offered at our Coco Maison Angel site…

If you have stubborn areas of fat you wish to remove, non invasively, without needing time off work and along with unrivalled and expert aftercare advice your on the right page. This is all to do with a treatment that’s proven to work alongside the experience of all our consultants. Our experience is crucial to your results.

We identified countless cases of genetic and stubborn areas of fat that no amount of dieting or exer-cise can shift. Perhaps you are struggling to reduce post pregnancy belly fat? Or exercise regularly but unable to lose the excess fat on your waist or backs of your arms no matter what you do? Do you lose the fat from everywhere but where you actually want it to ? Our practitioner has treated many different people including celebrities, fashion models, new Mums, brides to be, body builders and even us normal people. Each having the common concern of having stubborn areas of fat that they are unable to shift no matter how hard they try. All our consultants are trained by lovelite in Harley Street, London.

The speed of lipoglaze results vary from person to person. Some clients have seen a reduction in body fat in the treated area within 48 hours. This is dependant on how quickly your body can process the cells.


How Lipoglaze works

Lipoglaze gently warms up the treatment area which encourages blood and fat to separate. Then by using Cryotherapy, carefully freezes away fat cells – without you having to undergo the surgeon’s knife. This causes fatty cell death, which is why this latest technology is state of the art. We can destroy 30-40% of fat in the treated area within one session.

Just after one lipoglaze cryogenic lipolysis treatment that takes up to an hour, simply allow your body to do the rest – You won’t even feel the fat cells crystallise and then break down, disappearing for good.

In simple terms, you can remove fatty areas you do not like, knowing the fat cells cannot come back.

The science behind lipoglaze

Based on Cryotherapy and researched and developed by Harvard scientists, they have concluded that if the body’s temperature is reduced within certain areas (such as fat cells) to a point where there is a formation of ice crystals, this will in turn cause cell death. In scientific terms this is called Apoptosis. This treatment was introduced to the UK celeb market by lovelite uk. Labsclinic offer the same treatment using the same technology, but in the Midlands.

Cryotherapy is FDA approved, a much more controlled treatment than traditional liposuction and non-invasive.

Why have lipoglaze at Coco Beautique, Angel?

There are other clinics offering lipoglaze, Fat Freezing, Cryolipolysis etc… but we have unrivalled knowledge of body fat distribution, and use proven lovelite lipoglaze procedures which can completely transform body fat percentages. Not only can we target specific areas, we can tell you why you are storing fat where you are and what you need to do to keep seeing reductions, so you do not require further treatments.

Coco Beautique Angel and our associates LABS Clinic Northampton are the only clinics in the country that can offer you complete and continual results. Our client base, success rate, recent publicity and continuing high demand back this up and a testament to our treatment and aftercare which is at the forefront of the industry.

Knowledge and Experience is Crucial to the Success of this Treatment. All our Consultants are Certified and Insured.

We have the latest lipoglaze machine with three size applicators (small, medium and large) allowing for greater treatment areas and a more cost effective answer. With our large applicator, we can treat in one 45 minute session what may take other clinics three treatments to achieve. That’s 3 x 45 minute sessions which would take 6 months as you cannot treat the same areas within a 2 month period. Also second rate machines cannot achieve the temperatures required to gain results.

Our Practioner works with high profile clients who need body confidence for the lime light that they are in, from Models, Reality TV stars, Strictly Come Dancing dancers, Directors of companies on Harley Street and the list goes on.

Our Advanced Fat Freezing, Lipoglaze, Non Surgical Treatments Offer…

There is…

  • NO pain
  • NO needles
  • NO surgery
  • Which means…
  • NO time off needed
  • NO recovery time necessary
  • NO dangerous side effects

You get…

  • Rid of the fat where you want
  • A treatment that removes fat cells
  • Experienced professional Clinicians



We  are with you every step of the way! After your Lipoglaze treatment we will continue to work with you.

With us, you will never be left wondering what happens next. After a Lipoglaze treatment we will take post-treatment measurements and work with you until you are completely satisfied with the results.

We can also guide you forward to body confidence through our nutrition and exercise guidance. For some this may mean getting you started and educating you on the basics, for others simply honing what you are already doing to take you to the next level.

As your lifestyle changes, we will adapt and prescribe accordingly in order for you to get the best results.  We recognise that change doesn’t happen overnight but we will help to make those changes for you.

Everything we do is the result of years of experience and knowledge of our founder and practitioner Lee Andrew.  We use what has been proven to work to change people’s lives.

Exercise and Nutrition

It is a fact that improper training and nutrition can inhibit your body’s ability to release fat. We can educate you these factors in a way that is bespoke to your lifestyle and goals.

Our knowledge and experience in this area means whether you are a regular exerciser or novice, we can make sure you are doing it correctly in order to ensure your body and metabolism respond. Lee’s expertise as a Personal Trainer tells us that exercise must be prescribed based on an individual’s body composition, lifestyle, genetics, metabolic type and desired goal of the training.

We commonly here: “I train more than 6 times a week, I diet, I intermittent fast yet nothing seems to shift my fat”. Experience tells us the answer is to eat more of the right foods to cater for the high demand for energy, and if weight loss is the goal, structure the training to always be in the fat burning zone. Clients think that by spending 25 minutes on a cross trainer they will burn fat. Wrong, they will burn sugar. We can educate you on how to effectively tap into your fat stores.

Effective fat reduction is supported by sound nutrition. We will advise you on how to identify good foods through their labels, explore current eating habits through food diaries and help you to make realistic changes.

We only use concepts that have been proven to work and your whole transformation will be guided and supported so you know what to expect every step of the way


The Next Step

We invite you for an informal, no obligation consultation at our Angel Islington Beautique,Wednesdays Only or our private clinic situated in Northampton. Or, if you live some distance away we can cover most aspects of the consultation over the phone in order to cut down on journeys.

We will discuss the areas of concern and explain how the lipoglaze treatment works. Then between us prescribe a treatment or course of treatments that you will be happy with.

The beauty of lipoglaze is that as the treatment is non-invasive, you can go about your day immediately after treatment.

Post treatment we can offer you expert nutrition and exercise advice tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle to help you to continue to achieve the body you have always wanted.


Small applicator – £150
Medium applicator – £225
Large applicator – £300

Important Note:

The key to success for this treatment is the consultants ability to understand the different types of body fat, each body type is different, and we distribute body fat in many different ways. Lipoglaze treatment will not work on all cases and we will politely turn clients away if we cannot get them a result, and at no charge. Results may vary from person to person. Our reputation is our most important and valued asset.